Cutting Edge Technology + Innovative Crop Management Solutions

= Smart Farming

The old way to farm is over.

Agrotechnology is the smart farmer’s choice.

With AV and RV technologies, mapping drones, smart sensors, and so much more, LV Agritech offers agricultural solutions that are scalable and actionable.

With our products, farmers across Europe, Asia and Africa have been monitoring crop production, reducing operational costs, preventing crop diseases, and increasing profits.

Get proactive with your farm management. Monitor crop production more effectively with real time data. Implement corrective measures to improve production with LV Agritech.

What We Offer


Crop Control

Water Productivity

Water Productivity

Healthy Farm Yield

Healthy Farm Yield

Crop Diseases and Pest Infections

Crop Diseases and Pest Infections


High Soil Salinity

With an all farm management technique, our tools can help you get on top of your agricultural game. Get affordability, ease, and professional guidance combined. Become a smart farmer in minutes.

Right now is the time to take your farming to the next level