About Us

Based out of Belgium, LV Agritech has aided many farms with our advanced agrotech solutions. With cutting-edge technology, we help farmers across the world surmount challenges and increase yield. We provide them the tools to achieve more productivity and enhanced processes.

Now, you don’t have to do it alone.

Our team consists of professionals with an insider perspective of the challenges you face. Whether you are a corporate agribusiness or an agro SME, you are familiar with the grind when it comes to improving your data collection, reducing cost, and leveraging production.

We are familiar with it too.

That’s why we have developed smart agro-related technology solutions to help you increase productivity. We are on a mission to improve your operational methods, crop management, and crop yield. With our advanced agrotech and smart farming solutions, you never have to worry about yield quantity and quality again. Our tools help you get proactive from the start. We enable you to make decisions throughout the crop production process that enhances your crop output.

Whether you are worried about weather instability or crop diseases, LV Agritech solutions will address your specific situation with data driven insights and real time analysis.

LV Agritech offers farmers the opportunity to facilitate remote monitoring and control of their various farming resources, take necessary corrective actions based on real time field data, and continuously improve production.

With almost two decades of industry experience, and a professional team of knowledgeable experts in agriculture and tech, the solutions we provide will enhance your bottom line.

You can now maximize crop production, reduce operational costs, and experience continual profit increases.